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Clicky Mail specializes in email marketing & is an Elite Partner with Klaviyo. Our team of specialists bring industry-leading expertise and we have the track record to back it up. Here are some of the results we provide consistently for our clients:


Overall Attributed Email Revenue


Overall Attributed SMS Revenue


Overall ROI


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What's Included

Revenue Improvement Report

We’ll calculate your brand revenue improvements after implementing your email marketing strategy after the audit.

In-Depth Email Marketing Strategy Review

Our team will review your existing strategy sharing where there is room for improvement & where additional revenue-building opportunities are. This includes an overview of your email marketing performance as well as insights to your campaigns (aka “broadcasts”) and your flows (aka “automations” or “drips”).


Opt-In Performance Improvement

We will review your current Opt-In forms & their performance suggesting ways to improve conversion.


Email Campaign Performance Enhancement

We’ll use a data-oriented approach to analyze your campaign strategy, KPIs or metrics, and look for ways to improve your deliverability. We will share suggestions that will take your campaigns to the next level.

Revenue-Generating Flow Review

We will review your existing flow strategy looking for Foundational Flows, Advanced Flows, & Technology Flows followed by suggestions on flows to add to improve your KPIs & increase your overall revenue.


Expert Feedback on Analytics

Our team of experts will provide a feedback on your analytics. It’s open rate, click through rate, spam, etc.

Technical Email Suggestions

We will review your email design structure, if you have the right balance between the text and images, and we will check the technical part of your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What access is needed to do an audit?

If you use Klaviyo, we will need Manager Access to deliver a full audit. Analyst access is acceptable as well but would limit us from delivering a full report.

If you use another ESP outside of Klaviyo, we will need Manager or Admin access to view your existing setup & metrics.

How do you handle privacy & security?

We are happy to provide an NDA prior to receiving access to your ESP account. We take privacy & security as seriously as you do & will only use access to deliver your audit.

What is the timeframe?

Once access is granted, your Email Marketing Expert will be able to deliver your audit within
2 business days. You’ll have the opportunity to schedule a call that is convenient for your schedule.

How is the audit delivered?

When you schedule your audit call, your Email Marketing Expert will share their screen to a Miro board – similar to a whiteboard – that will allow them to show your overall strategy in an overall perspective. After, they will follow up with an actionable list of suggestions for your account.

Why should I work with Clicky Mail?

Between our all-star team, high-level evaluations, and actionable, easy-to-implement solutions, you’ll know that your email marketing is the best it can be with Flowium. Our experts offer you tailored service and work to help you meet your short and long-term goals.